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Recommended Books & Links


The Freedom Factor: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others . . . and Yourself

Is emotional pain blocking your spiritual growth? Let Bruce Wilkinson and Mark Strong lead you on the path to freedom! With pastoral sensitivity, they show how the sin of unforgiveness can fuel our suffering. Join them as they lead you through an interactive process to help you release negative feelings and embrace the healing God offers.

Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children By: Joe S. McIlhaney Jr. M.D., & Freda McKissic Bush M.D.

Scientific research shows how sexual activity releases brain chemicals that trigger emotional bonding and a powerful desire to repeat the activity. Today's young adults have discovered that "hooking up" is easy and addictive. Offering a Christian "philosophy of sexuality," Drs. McIlhaney and Bush help parents and singles understand why "safe sex" isn't safe at all.

Keep Your Love On ( KYLO ) By: Danny Silk

It's a hard thing to do. Sometimes it's the hardest thing to do. But if you want to build healthy relationships with God and others, learning to keep your love on is non-negotiable.

Adults and children, alike, thrive in healthy relationships in which it is safe to love and be loved, to know and be known. Yet for many, relationships are anything but safe, loving or intimate. They are defined by anxiety, manipulation, control and conflict. The reason is that most people have never been trained to be powerful enough to keep their love on in the face of mistakes, pain and fear.

For Women Only : What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men, By: Shaunti Feldhahn

Can't figure out why men behave the way they do? Feldhahn's groundbreaking research reveals what the men in your life - boyfriends, brothers, husbands, sons, and fathers - are really thinking and feeling.

What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women, By: Dr. James Dobson

Women have physical, emotional and relational needs that their husbands often fail to comprehend or fully appreciate. Dr. James Dobson provides an inside look into the female psyche and prescribes practical solutions to some all-too-familiar barriers to marital harmony.

Don't Go to Bed Angry: Stay Up and Fight - By: Deb DeArmond, Ron DeArmond

In Don't Go to Bed Angry, Deb and Ron DeArmond give you permission to fight. Combining a healthy dose of personal experience with relationship-affirming biblical wisdom, they demonstrate how communicating through conflict can lead to greater insight and understanding that might even strengthen your marriage. Includes worksheets, discussion questions, call-outs, and prayers, making this a very practical handbook.

Helping Children Survive Divorce, By: Dr. Archibald D. Hart

Psychologist Archibald Hart-author, speaker and the child of divorce-has written Helping Children Survive Divorce to help parents minimize the psychological and social damage children face when a family breaks apart. Topics covered include handling guilt, walking children through anger and depression, stepparenting, blending families and others.

Growing Up Divorced: For Adults Who Once Suffered the Trauma of Their Parents' Divorce, By Dr. Archibald D. Hart

When parents divorce, the children usually grow up with unfinished business to resolve. Chances are they were left with emotional wounds, the scars of which remain with them even as adults. This book examines the long-term effects of this traumatic event, the damaging consequences that follow children of divorce, and ways to resolve past hurts that have shaped their lives.

Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know - and Men Can't Say

Forty years have passed since the so-called women's movement claimed to liberate women from preconceived notions of what it means to be female - and the results are in. The latest statistics show that as women have gained more freedom, more education, and more power, they have become less happy. In The Flipside of Feminism, Suzanne Venker and Phyllis Schlafly provide readers with a new view of women in America - casting off the ideology that preaches faux empowerment and liberation from men and marriage. Their book demonstrates that conservative women are, in fact, the most liberated women in America and the folks to whom young people should be turning for advice. Their confident and rational approach to the battle of the sexes is precisely what America needs.

Useful Links

Dr. James Dobson's Family Institute

Family Institute Mission Statement:

"To help preserve and promote the institution of the family and the biblical principles on which it is based, and to seek to introduce as many people as possible to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Specifically, the focus of the ministry is on marriage, parenthood, evangelism, the sanctity of human life and encouraging righteousness in the culture."

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family is a global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive. We provide help and resources for couples to build healthy marriages that reflect God's design, and for parents to raise their children according to morals and values grounded in biblical principles.

We're here to come alongside families with relevance and grace at each stage of their journey. We support families as they seek to teach their children about God and His beautiful design for the family, protect themselves from the harmful influences of culture and equip themselves to make a greater difference in the lives of those around them.

No matter who you are, what you're going through or what challenges your family may be facing, we're here to help.

The National Bible Bee

Compete on a National Level!

You will be inspired by the exciting competition between the highest-scoring Bible Bee contestants from across the nation as they demonstrate their diligence in Scripture knowledge and memorization. Young people ages 4-18 can participate in the study. To compete in the Local and National Bible Bee competitions, young people ages 7-18 must register under one of 3 levels: Primary, Junior and Senior. While the top winners will be awarded more than $270,000, every contestant will be encouraged and recognized for their Biblical excellence. Come, join like-minded families from across the nation in celebrating the greatness of our God as we proclaim and honor His perfect Word!


We use the power of, and their 11.9 billion searches per month, to guide teens searching for hope to our web site so we can listen to what they're going through. At RemedyLIVE we believe that there is one Creator and He created ALL people to live a life of purpose and fullness. Sadly, broken relationships, believing lies, and escaping into addiction will sidetrack the ability for some people to live that LIFE TO THE FULL that Jesus spoke about in the New Testament. RemedyLIVE is a WEB STATION where you'll be able to hear great positive music, watch challenging videos and best of all- chat with us and others about the things you're going through in life. If you have any questions about Remedy please email us at We're RemedyLIVE - we chat, we listen, and we love.

Summit Ministries

Summit Ministries is training adolescent Christians to stand strong in their faith, defend the Christian worldview in an anti-Christian culture, and to become effective leaders for Christ.

Summit Ministries is an educational Christian ministry whose very existence is a response to our current post-Christian culture. Today, countless Christian youth have fallen victim to the popular ideas of our modern world. Most have adopted these ideas into their own worldview, while still others go on to renounce their Christian faith altogether.

Summit views its role in God's kingdom as a catalyst to counteract this alarming trend. However, our ultimate goal supersedes simply training. As Christians are challenged to stand strong in their faith and defend truth, they will also be equipped to have a positive influence on the society in which they live.

The Alliance for Therapeutic Choice and Scientific Integrity

Principled advocates for persons experiencing unwanted homosexual attractions.

CornerstoneVision Counseling & Psychological Services

The CornerstoneVision team is a group of caring professionals providing a wide range of counseling and psychological services. The CornerstoneVision team serves people of all ages. We help with premarital and married couples, families, single parents, teens and children in all of life's twists and turns. CornerstoneVision, in addition, provides psychological assessments and behavior-management services. During life's difficulties, you can count on the staff at CornerstoneVision to help you develop new skills and attitudes that will assist you in exploring new opportunities in your life. When you are experiencing a loss of peace or coping with life seems hard to grasp, CornerstoneVision has a counselor who will be there to walk along with you.

If you need help, e-mail or call (260) 387-6340 for an appointment. I'm available for consultation at a time that best fits your schedule.

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